Windy's Winds-Instrument Repair

Band instrument repair in Spanish Fork, Utah

By Appointment Only.

24/7 Contactless Drop Off &pick up available via text after a standard appointment is made.

A problem I currently don’t have the skills to solve. 3 days later I have been given 3 repair options but all techs agree the customer should spend their money to get a better Brand and Quality of horn instead.

In the 30 years I’ve been repairing instruments I’ve always wondered if the top of a rotor can actually snap off. I’ve been rather surprised that I haven’t seen it before today. This particular instrument is an off-brand and very unlikely to be able to find a replacement part or be high enough quality to bother. However I will be reaching out to my colleagues around the country to find out if there is a cost-effective way to solve a problem like this. Meanwhile my customer has a loaner horn and I’ve sent them a few listings online for used horns of higher quality that will have staying power.

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